The Beginner’s Guide to Accessory Etiquette

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” – Michael Kors

When you think about the most stunning outfits you’ve seen, what makes that outfit memorable? These outfits are memorable because of accessories. Accessories can elevate any simple garment, into a refined outfit. Trying to match accessories with clothing can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. The accessory etiquette that I will be discussing is my personal guideline that I use to make my outfits look more elegant and refined. Beginning with jewelry, this type of accessory can be easy to go over the top with. You want to make sure that you always match your metals, the only exception is if your piece of jewelry is mixing metals itself. Don’t be completely dismissive of costume jewelry. Some costume jewelry can make great statement pieces, you just have to be selective with it. During the day it’s acceptable to wear diamond earrings and necklaces, but you should save your diamond watch for the evening. The purse is the most practical accessory you will ever own. You should always carry your purse on the left side, this ensures that you can effortlessly greet someone with a handshake. Cocktail purses are only appropriate at parties, and should never enter the office. To keep your purse neat, you should organize your purse every day so that you never have to dig through your purse in public. Hats are my absolute favorite accessory. As much as I love to wear hats, there is a time and place for every accessory. Hats can be worn outdoors, in lobbies, and at sporting events. Hats should not be worn indoors, places of worship, restaurants, and offices. It isn’t practical to wear floppy hats after sunset, it’s comparable to wearing sunglasses at night. Sunglasses are absolutely a necessity because they help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and prevent wrinkles by not having to squint. It’s important to remove sunglasses when communicating with someone, eye contact is essential in communication. Never use your sunglasses as a mirror, it’s not elegant to fix your appearance in a public place. You can always excuse yourself if necessary. If you have to take your sunglasses off, you should always put them in your purse. This ensures that you won’t lose your sunglasses, it also looks more elegant than hanging your sunglasses around the neckline of your shirt. Remember that this is only a guideline. If you feel that it looks good to wear an accessory a certain way, you should wear it however you feel comfortable. Thank you so much for reading this post! If you enjoyed it, please like and subscribe!

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