The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Makeup

If you’ve never shopped for makeup before the whole process can be extremely overwhelming. With a wide variety of products and brands, it can be difficult to choose what products are best for you. With the right guidance, you can find the products that make you feel beautiful. Before heading to the store you should do your research, look at the products you might need such as foundation, mascara, blush, and lipstick. These are just some of the basics you may need to achieve your desired look. Then you should set your budget, this is important because shopping for makeup can easily get out of hand. There is a wide variety of quality products for any budget. Price doesn’t always correlate with quality, some of my personal favorites are from the drugstore. You should also research the highest rated products, thoroughly read the reviews to see if the product could potentially work for you. After researching, make a list of what you need, then find a store that carries everything on your list. When you go to the store you should swatch testers to see what looks best on you and suits your undertones. Never swatch testers on your face or lips, always swatch on your wrist for sanitary and allergenic reasons. If you aren’t satisfied with the product you tested, do not buy it!! With a wide range of products, there is no need to purchase anything you don’t completely love. When purchasing a beauty product for the first time buy the smallest available size, to prevent wasting money and product if it doesn’t work out. My last tip is to download apps for beauty stores, this allows you to accumulate points when you shop then you can get free gifts. Happy Shopping!!

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